Philsky Membership: What You Need To Know

Interested in becoming a member of Philsky? Here are three questions you might be asking.

1. Who can apply?

Anyone! Philsky does not discriminate based on experience or fitness level. However, as skyrunning is a taxing sport, applicants must be prepared for trainings and running above 2,000 MASL.

2. What are Philsky’s requirements?

  1. Orientation
  2. Application fee
  3. Sky Learning Series (SLS)
    3.a. Nutrition
    3.b. Navigation
    3.c. Strength and Conditioning
    3.d. Injury Prevention
    3.e. First Aid and BLS
  4. Volunteer activity
  5. Vertical kilometer (VK) race
  6. Skyrace
  7. Induction run

3. Where do I start?

To kickstart your application process, fill out this form and request to join our applicant Facebook group. Don’t have Facebook? You can get updates in our Telegram group chat instead.